Training Services

Arquebus offers an unparalleled range of training and development solutions that directly support our commitment to providing essential knowledge transfer to aid in the fight against gun-enabled crime.

At Arquebus we recognise that in delivering outstanding training, coaching and mentoring we can provide the specialist support many clients need to build real capacity and capability through the development and implementation of new processes and improved best practice in order to achieve sustainable success.

Arquebus Training Services works closely with clients to truly understand their specific training needs and in doing so we work carefully to develop tailored training programmes that reflect occupational and international standards, legislation, procedures and practices of the clients environment. This enables us to deliver a training programme that is bespoke to the client and the context in which they operate.

Arquebus fully exploits its expertise and experience to deliver world-leading training that focuses on cutting edge gun crime and ballistic investigation, intelligence and associated forensic science disciplines. However we recognise that success in tackling gun crime is also dependent on other core investigative skills. Therefore, we are also able to offer a range of training programmes and events that cover the full spectrum of law enforcement and investigative skills.

Arquebus utilise world-class expert speakers, real case studies, practical exercises and a blend of learning approaches to provide dynamic events that strengthen the learning experience of delegates.

Arquebus Training Services engage dynamic, highly skilled and experienced UK accredited law enforcement trainers who have a wealth of experience as senior practitioners and field experts. Our team are experienced in delivering powerful training events throughout Europe and the rest of the world.