Paul James Contributes to Relocation of UK Businesses Survey by Institute of Directors

The Guardian have published findings by the Institute of Directors that one in three UK Businesses have initiated business critical contingency plans on the outcome of a hard Brexit. The Institute of Directors (IoD) added 29% of companies from their 1,200 members either moved or planned to move part of their business abroad.

Paul James, Director of Arquebus provided a case study alongside the survey at a recent British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) event, with Arquebus having made contingency to move part of the business to Malta in order to retain a trading base within the European Union.

“We work with agencies such as the United Nations and the European commission to support countries that are less advanced in dealing with the threat posed by the criminal use and supply of firearms.”

“We are proud to promote ourselves as a UK company and the union flag is an integral part of our logo. However, we have had to make contingency plans to enable us to continue to be eligible for funding from the EU and to trade with EU member states.”


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