Press Release – 19th May 2016

Keith Bristow QPM, former Director General of the UK’s National Crime Agency, has been appointed as non-executive Chairman of Arquebus Solutions Limited.

Arquebus is a UK-based company working globally with Governments, NGO’s, Intergovernmental Organisations and businesses to provide specialist capabilities relating to both the criminal and legal use of firearms.

The company has recently completed research for the European Union and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), designed to reduce the harm caused by the illegal use of firearms in both crime and terrorism across Europe.

Arquebus Director Matt Lewis, who helped establish the UK National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS), which enables police forces to share information and intelligence about guns and ballistic material, says that Keith’s leadership and knowledge will support the development of the company as it continues to grow its services over the next year.

“Keith’s law enforcement experience at both a national and international level is unsurpassed. He established the NCA, which has an international reputation for working with global partners to fight a range of serious and organised crime issues that harm the UK’s interests both domestically and internationally.

“In addition, Keith also chaired the G8 Law Enforcement Group in Europe for eight years and the Five Eyes Law Enforcement Group, a partnership between the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand which seeks to reduce the international threat and impact of organised crime. We are delighted to welcome him to the team.”

Keith Bristow said: “Arquebus is working hard to improve the intelligence, investigative and forensic functions of international law enforcement agencies and partners in order to improve their abilities and capabilities in this critical area.

“This work is having a positive impact on law-enforcement agencies and Governments who are working hard to address the harm caused by the illegal use of firearms by criminals and terrorists.

The company also provides necessary services and systems for businesses to support those legally owning and using firearms.

“As the former UK lead officer in this area, I am passionate about fighting firearms crime. I know that illegal firearms remain a valuable criminal commodity and it is only through greater international co-operation and information sharing that we will further reduce the harm caused by their use. I have long advocated the need for public and private sectors to work together to achieve maximum progress to save lives from gun crime and Arquebus are a leading example of what can be achieved when this happens.”