Launching Our Double Casting Capability

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One of the biggest challenges we find working with our partners across the globe is the movement of ballistic material across borders. Although Arquebus can vouch for the secure storage of material within our own facilities, the logistical path leaves many questions with regards to the security and integrity of the material whilst in transit; as well as jurisdictional issues as evidence moves across international borders.

In order to address these concerns and facilitate the rapid movement of ballistic material across international borders Arquebus has received advanced training on casting techniques from Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology (UEFT). Drawing on the expertise of UEFT, the recognised Interpol casting process and Arquebus’ own knowledgebase, we have established our own protocol that develops upon the recognised process present within the international community.

The Arquebus double casting capability is intended to support our partners in several ways:

  • To cast all ballistic material for safe transportation back to our UK based laboratory for acquisition and / or correlation review on the latest version of the IBIS HD3D technology
  • To upgrade the acquisition quality from previous versions of IBIS to the latest HD3D technology without occupying acquisition units in a working laboratory
  • In countries where material is held by regional police forces, to create a centralised OCF whereby comparative microscopy can be conducted immediately once a ballistic hit has been detected on IBIS
  • To support partners to clear backlogged cases.

All IBIS data acquired by Arquebus is transferred directly back to the servers of our partners.


Our Process

Our casting process is conducted using separate vacuum chamber and pressure pot vessels in order to create a high volume of casted material at the best possible quality. All of our silicones and resins are the established and recognised products best suited for casting ballistic material.

The casting kit purchased from Arquebus is delivered to our partners for casting to be conducted in a secure environment. With the casting kit, Arquebus also provides a cast exhibit storage solution that immobilises the material for transport back to the UK. This is an essential part of the process to ensure the casts are in a pristine condition for acquisition onto IBIS and no detail is lost in transit.

Arquebus can also provide the necessary training and protocol support for our partners to cast using our kit during our time in the laboratory. Additionally we also ship resupply kits for the consumable elements of the casting kit, which deplete and degrade over time.

More info

If you would like to know more about our casting capability please get in touch or come and visit our stand at IFFS this year.