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Supporting clients to develop

their ballistics intelligence capability.

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Enhancing national and international security

through the development of infrastructures and technology

to combat gun enabled crime and terrorism.

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Developing ballistic intelligence

capability through knowledge

transfer and learning.

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Developing software to support the fight

against gun enabled crime and terrorism.


Arquebus offer a unique set of consultation services aimed at helping our clients to thoroughly and systematically review their current capabilities, systems, processes, procedures and technology.

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Arquebus offer a unique knowledge enhancement and transfer capability to governmental, police and non-governmental organisations (NGO).

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Arquebus is pioneering a flexible Managed Service solution that allows for the processing of bullet and cartridge case based material using the state of the art Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS)

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Arquebus offers an unparalleled range of training and development solutions that directly support our commitment to providing essential knowledge transfer to aid in the fight against gun-enabled crime.

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The illegal use of firearms is a truly terrible crime. It harms communities and their prosperity, impacts on economic growth, damages national and local reputations, consumes valuable resources and most critically, costs lives.

Law enforcement professionals and governments have long tried to find the most effective and cost efficient way of dealing with this crime. With many different variables associated with supply chains, complex legislation, limited resources and expensive technology it has proved to be a challenging and complex area for effective enforcement and intelligence activity.

Arquebus provides specialised services and support to assist law enforcement organisations, governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the military to enhance their response to firearms enabled crime and terrorism. Through the provision of specialist knowledge transfer, bespoke forensic services, expert advice and technological development, Arquebus enables our clients to maximise the benefits that can be achieved from new or existing capabilities and investments by focusing intelligence development, operational activity and technology.

Arquebus offers a bespoke range of services specifically tailored to meet the individual requirements of our customers. In developing these solutions Arquebus can draw on the experience of uniquely skilled law enforcement professionals from the field of gun crime and ballistics intelligence.


To learn more about Arquebus and how we delivery a high quality and innovative service to our clients around the world download our company literature using the links below:

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I have worked with Matt Lewis and Paul James over many years. I first knew them when they were leading the UK National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS). Their vision of reducing gun crime was unwavering and their ability to translate complex ideas into elegant intelligence-led solutions was second to none

I know from first hand experience that they have the drive, ability and ideas to work with all key stakeholders who see the reduction of gun crime as of paramount importance. I have no doubt that with the creation of Arquebus Solutions Ltd., the market has a new champion of efficient, intelligence based solutions to the problem of gun crime. As a Director of  Forensic Firearms Consultancy (FFC) Ltd. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Mark Mastaglio
Mark MastaglioDirector - Forensic Firearms Consultancy (FFC)

Paul James, Matt Lewis and the team at Arquebus all know what it takes to successfully extract and manage crime gun intelligence and put it to work where “the rubber meets the road” – on the streets – to make them safer.

Pete Gagliardi
Pete GagliardiSenior Vice President - Forensic Technology

“We’ve been working alongside the team at Arquebus Solutions to outline and develop innovative games-based training solutions where their specific law enforcement, intelligence and ballistics expertise has been imperative. When we work on projects we need to ensure we have the very best subject matter experts on hand and this is why we engaged Arquebus Solutions.”

Dan Davies
Dan DaviesBusiness Development Director - Serious Games International